Welcome to TDM Plantation

TDM Plantation was founded as a plantation business unit of TDM Berhad involved in the development and management of oil palm plantations and CPO processing since 1965. Since then we have positioned ourselves to invest and focus with a fresh perspective, addressing climate change to sustain growth and improving the lives of the communities we operate in. We are forging ahead towards financial and operational excellence and it is our holding company’s stated policy to strive to pay out dividends of at least 30% of our consolidated annual net profit subject to availability of distributable reserves.

The growth of our business is driven by the acquisition of more plantation land, in addition to the ongoing improvement in operational efficiencies. Our growth is akin to caring for a plantation - the conditions for healthy growth and opportunities to spread have to be constantly improved and monitored to generate better yields; the plants must be pruned for optimal growth and to prevent wastage; while operational efficiencies must be managed to ensure a balance between the quality of life and productivity for our people and stakeholders.